Thursday, June 01, 2006

two peas in a pod

Picked up the twins soccer uniforms. They're in different teams: boys with boys, girls with girls. We don't get to pick the teams nor their jersey numbers. Pure luck of the draw. WELL, turns out both get the same number (which is way cool) but get this, both of their coachs turn out to be twin moms! Way cool!!! Baby boy LOVES his uniform, he has slept with it, wears it to school, shows it to everyone or tells everyone about it. Too cute!!!

On to a totally unrelated subject. Aunt Flo or whatever else you want to call it showed up yesterday. In my head a big AH-AH! So is that why I was feeling so crummy last week? I thought PMS would be a few days worth but could it be a whole week and a bit? No fun.


BeachMama said...

They look soo cute, and how quirky with all the similarities :)

So glad you are feeling better and that you found a reason for not feeling so great.

nancy said...

SO cute they both got the same number!!

#9 - Rocket Richard - they are destined to be superstars!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Right on...too cute!

I love how they are holding hands.

I was crabby last week and my cabbyness lately has been lasting a week and abit lately. NOT FUN!