Tuesday, May 16, 2006

role models

An unexpected encounter in our local grocery store got me thinking. Who were my role models growing up? More specifically female role models?

Moms of course always are, although with mine there are a lot of quirks in her personality that irk me and that I try very hard not to emulate. Then I thought of this book I read oh so long ago. The life story of Marie Curie of all things. The fact that a woman was smart and brave enough to venture in a non-female world and make a discovery that would help mankind proufoundly affected me. Her spirit pushed me along in my scientific studies as I was determined to make a discovery that would affect mankind too. In university, my undergrad studies were in a department with NOT A SINGLE female on staff. No role models here. Then onto my doctoral work and just ONE female teacher. And she was a little odd so not a role model either. My class had the highest number of woman ever seen (one quarter) which definitely bothered some of the opposite sex so I guess we were trailblazers in a way.

Back to my encounter. As I was about to pay for milk at the cash, this lady comes running up to me and I immediately recognized her as a former patient of mine. She was so glad to announce that her daughter just completed her studies in my field. What? Cute little "S" is that old already? She wanted to thank me for being such a great role model for her daughter.

Wow! I had never seen myself in that light, but I guess I am, was. This is the third girl whom I know of that has chosen to follow my career path. It makes me very proud. Proud of them and proud of myself. Makes me feel like I've contributed in my own little way to the bigger scheme of things and that my life has mattered in this tiny way. I guess we are the role models for the generation following us and what a most amazing compliment when we affect someone else's life in such a positive way.

Who were your role models?

and look what just popped in the garden today


Northern Mom said...

Don't know so much has having one role model, but traits from many.
What an amazing story! I would have been beaming from ear to ear!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Gosh...i can't tell you.
I never really had any.

I hope my daughter has some and it's NOT me.

Beautiful flower BTW


My mother was my role model growing up she was the best, even my girlfriends growing up will comment on how my mom influenced them is such a positive way.

Love your photos! I bet my sister would love to draw some of your flowers. Will have to show her your blog.

Snack Mommy said...

I can't say role models per se, but I definitely had two mentors at work who inspired me to raise my level of performance and achieve things I did not know were in my reach.

Heck, you inspire me to go out and take pictures....stunning!