Monday, May 22, 2006

a rainy long week-end

Despite the crummy weather, my sore throat and baby girl's cold, our week-end unfolded quite nicely.

Being big sis' soccer coach's wife, the secretarial work has fallen on my lap and I've been busy contacting everyone on the team to meet for our first practice which was cancelled at the last minute cause the city forbade anyone to play soccer on their fields for the week-end cause they were too wet. So here I was again scrambling to re-contact everyone.

We all attended an Open House at the twins' pre-school where they showed us all their latest work. Amazing how far they've come even from September. Their little brains are true sponges at this age.

Friday was a PD day so I brought the twins along with a group of mom and kids from our church to the Children's Museum. They were totally fascinated by it all and we soon lost track of our group as they wanted to see everything and do everything. I definitely wouldn't have gone there alone with them even just a year ago. You could loose them so easily in there.

The May long week-end is usually when we plant all our flowers, take out all the lawn furniture. Well that didn't happen. But we did the official pool opening and hubby decided to go for his first swim: he somehow slipped and fell in, fully clothed in murky greenish frigid water! He's never going to live this one down ;)

The kids also went to a bday party for another set of twins we know. The parents had rented one of those inflatable bouncy things and because the weather was bad, they somehow managed to install it in the family room. Boy the kids had a blast with that. There was also face painting, animal balloons, parachute play and even a cotton candy machine!! It was nuts, about 30 kids!!! We then picked up a baby-sitter and off we went, hubby and I, on a date. To the movies to see Da Vinci Code which we had both read. What a treat. The movie wasn't a WOW but being on a date was.

Sunday after some furniture shopping for the kids' bedrooms and buying yet another bike for big sis (she so outgrew the one she had last year) we decided to go see the Greece movie at the Imax. But when we got there, the showing was already sold out. The next one would be in a few hours. So we decided to go for supper, somewhere. We wandered around and found this place where they had this deal for kids: 6 and under for free, 7 to 12 for 4.95. Incredible, the five of us ate a very decent meal for $35.

We then finally made it to the movie, and had to wait in line for about half an hour. Not an easy feat with pre-schoolers. There's this one game we play as a family when we have to wait around. I guess we can call it the alphabet game. Someone starts saying a word starting with "a" like apple, the next one says a word starting with "b" and so on. We get to baby boy's turn, his letter is "x". So he's saying: "ksss, ksss, ksss, (trying to find a word in his head and then he blurts out) "KSSSEXY!" We all started laughing. Where on earth did he come up with that word? Pre-schoolers can be such a hoot!! The movie was really neat and made us revisit a lot of areas we've been to. The kids excitedly recognizing certain landmarks made it really worth it.

Off to finish my rainy Victoria Day project: cleaning out the pantry...amazing what has been hiding in there ;)


nancy said...

What a lovely weekend! You are so ambitious (in my eyes) to take the kids out for that long, and kill time to wait for a movie. Me? I'd likely have headed right back home.

And WHAT professional photographer is taking all those stunning photos?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Nice Pictures T mom... I'm going to call you that now.

And what a great long weekend. Sounds like a blast. Cleaning out the pantry..>HA how organinzed are you...and when are coming here to organize me?


Your photo is beautiful. I love Lily of the Valley. My youngest picks one everyday before she get on the bus.