Friday, December 22, 2006

the year in review

Concept is straight from Dani's and admittedly I was curious to see what mine would bring up. A random grouping of vignettes. So here goes, first sentence of the first blog of every month In 2006, from January to December:

  1. For years, especially pre-kid years, New Year's Eve meant inviting everyone and anyone over to our house for a get-together and having people ending up sleeping here and there.
  2. Hard to believe but I registered all 3 kids for soccer today!
  3. Last night was TV night for hubby and I.
  4. the extra laundry generated from playing in the mud and puddles
  5. Well the second skating show went great too.
  6. Picked up the twins soccer uniforms.
  7. Otherwise known as barn swallow or the lovely french term "hirondelle des granges".
  8. It's been hot all right, tending to stay inside to be cool or going outside to splash in the pool with friends over or at other people's places and their pool.
  9. Yep it happened last night.
  10. To reciprocate nancy's last two posts, yes, life has been busy around here, so much so that I've become a silent blogger.
  11. What fun it was!
  12. Crazy weather today.

Interesting how these 12 sentences sum up my year: life as a mom in the outskirts of suburbia with my family and friends and all their activities. Not an exciting/glamorous life. but my life, a simple one celebrating simple events.

And I'd like to think that #11 pretty much summed it up "what fun it was!"


nancy said...

great update!!

DaniGirl said...

Oh, I'm so glad you played along. Funny how it catches the important themes, isn't it?

It's been another great year of friendship, too!