Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nearly there

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What a whirlwind of activity around here. My mind can only work in list mode. SO here goes, in absolutely no order:

  • wrote and mailed all 60 Christmas cards
  • ended up pulling out the fake tree from the basement, just couldn't find the time anywhere to go cut one down as we've been doing over the past years and the weather has been poor for a trek in the woods i.e too muddy
  • the house and the tree are filled with kid's Christmas crafts (thanks for the idea above Nancy)
  • the entrance table is starting to fill up with cards received from friends and family from all over
  • baked an incredible amount of cookies (thanks nancy again for the inspiration)
  • even made some bark, thanks Beachmama! except that I used both dark and white chocolate and made a marbled effect
  • have relied on the slow cooker more than I ever have
  • dragged everyone for their annual flu shots
  • visited a friend and her 7 month old twin girls who screamed for the whole 3 hours I was there and I left exhausted and wondering how I ever did it with my own
  • winterized the motorcycle and lawnmower
  • bought new skates for the kids and went skating at the "marina" (as the little ones call it) a few times. We've opted NOT to put them in skating lessons, just no good time to do it, and we all agreed to bring them once/twice a week to our local arena for the $2 family skate up until we get our backyard rink going
  • have been meeting with lawyers and accountants for our business incorporation, loads and loads of paperwork to get done before Dec 31st, yikes and new computer software to get accustomed to
  • drove big sis back and forth over the week-end to a badminton tournament where she acquired THREE trophees, not bad for her first year
  • hubby has been working an insane amount of hours and has been pretty much absent around here
  • went to our local twin's association Christmas party at midway: it was SO cool to see so many twins and mine certainly felt very special to be part of such a select group
  • attended greek school Christmas pageant (over 300 kids). The twins looked awesome in their little outfits (see pic above) and sang so well, definite proud mommy moment
  • attended greek dancing recital, so cute
  • went to an adults only partee, woo hoo, big sis babysat again along with a friend of hers and we came home to find the twins asleep under the Christmas tree. They had wanted to sleep there so big sis brought up a mattress and some sleeping bags. Too bad I was so tired/drunk to think straigth at 2 am and snap a photo ;)
  • finishing the last of the gift wrapping today, hopefully
  • going to another adult only party tonight, getting my outfit #3 of the season ready
  • preparing platters for kids' school parties
No wonder I'm feeling exhausted. Add to this frenzy an unbalanced diet and lack of regular exercise. Oh well, we are nearly there and then we can just sit back and relax!


nancy said...

Sounds like fun to me!! Love the idea tha tbig-sis set them up for a sleepover under the tree...very cute.

BeachMama said...

Holy Smokes! You are good, so good to get that all done. And adding dark and white chocolate to the bark, how ingenious! I think that the kids sleeping under the tree is the cutest thing, and that big sis thought to bring up the mattress.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm tired just reading all this.

Man your one busy lady.
I love the idea of the kids asleep under the tree. Too cute.