Wednesday, December 13, 2006

season ritual

yes I'm done, for another year

every year I say this year I'm going to cut back, but never seem to be able to. Between the relatives overseas and friends scattered throughout North America, I always end up with 60 cards at least.

many years ago, an elderly lady sent me that poem of Christmas cards and I loved it so much as it rings so true to me that I made copies of it on a nice Christmas stationary and sent it out with all my cards one year. Well , yesterday I received a card from a dear friend and she sent me back my poem and signed "Right back at you"

That's teh Christmas spirit!

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Silver Creek Mom said...

I loved that Card. I kept it but in all the mayehn I can't find it. I want to frame it and hang in my stairwell.


glassartbydebandsue said...

Luv the poem!

BeachMama said...

How wonderful to have it sent back to you. I too am done, the cards this year were way more work than I thought, but thankfully all made it out and hopefully to the right addresses :)

nancy said...

Done? You're DONE??? I haven't even started and not sure when I will...perhaps January.