Sunday, December 03, 2006

hockey night in canada

Hot dogs and pop and beer. Popcorn and cotton candy. Great seats. Winning home team (5-2).

Add all that together and it made for an amazing family outing. The kids were so excited with the atmosphere. On and off the ice. They sang the national anthem at the top of their lungs. Baby boy didn't move, so focused on the game. Baby girl was thrilled that the team's mascot Spartacat (whom they call Smarticat) came that close to us. Big sis sat next to her dad discussing the plays.

I so vividly remember with much fondness going to hockey games at the Forum with my dad as a child. Hope my kids will cherish nights like last night for years to come. A true canadian outing. Posted by Picasa


Silver Creek Mom said...

Looks like you had an awesome time. I loved going to hockey games too as a kid. Miranda has been with her Dad a couple of times and she loves it too.


nancy said...

Now I have the HNIC theme going thru my head!! Such a fun night for you all...Go Sens (& Habs) Go!!

BeachMama said...

Glad you guys had a great time! I too am so thankful that I have memories of going to the forum as a kid. Going to watch the Sens is fun, but I really miss the Forum.