Saturday, December 02, 2006

shy girl

Baby girl has been getting more and more shy. Or maybe always was but we are noticing it more. Especially with two siblings who really aren't.

This summer, she never talked to her soccer coach and barely to her teammates. At times we will go places and if there are people she doesn't really know she will tell me ahead of time that she won't talk to anyone. I don't make a big issue out of it. At school, she has one best friend, a little girl who was even more shy but has grown out of it. If her friend isn't there, she won't talk/play with anyone else really. She's not painfully shy, just shy in a quiet way.

So today she was invited to her best friend's house. She was really happy to go, but didn't want to go alone. She wanted her brother and sister to go with her. I couldn't believe that. Thank God the parents of her friend are such great people cause they ended up inheriting my 3 kids for a whole afternoon.

Ah well, let's attribute that to another phase.

Off to get ready we are all going out tonight: to the hockey game. GO SENS GO!!!


BeachMama said...

Oooh the hockey game!! Have a wonderful time.

And how cute that baby girl is kind of shy, it's not so bad, but kudos for baby brother AND big sis to go along!!

nancy said...

A rather endearing phase, if you ask me.

And I am sure you all had a blast at the game!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm use she will change and IT"S a good thing to be shy at times.