Friday, December 08, 2006

field trip

Do you remember that excitement and anticipation when you knew there was an upcoming school class trip? Well, that feeling was buzzing around here for quite a while. And the BIG day was today. And yes, it was cold. But dressed as we Canadians know how to dress and with the sun shining, fun was had by all. Plus dad and mom and big sis went along too!

They got to ride on a big yellow school bus, which for kids who get driven to school is a pretty big deal.

Lots of activities in store for them, the least of which was a much anticipated visit sith Santa Claus. They all patiently waited their turn to sit next to him and tell them their wishes. Was way cut. Especially this one little girl who wants a butterfly :)

They rode on a horse drawn carriage and sang carols.

Walked over to a 1930's school where the schoolmistress talked about life in schools back tehn and we all got to do a craft. A Christmas decoration of course.

Decorated some cookies. And ate them too!

Drank hot chocolate around a burning fire and did a few outdoor games.


The look of joy on these kids was truly absolutely priceless and put us all, kids and adults, in teh Christmas spirit.



Sounds like a wonderful day.

nancy said...

LOVE the old schoolhouse!! What a fantastic day for you all. But I wimped out and chose to stay inside. Brrr...

BeachMama said...

I too stayed in! The cold from letting the dogs out was more than enough for me :)

I was just talking about going to that same place just last night. Apparently it is gorgeous at night with all hte ligts lit up.

Snack Mommy said...

The programs in your children's school continue to amaze me. Talk about life expereinces!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Awesoem adventure for all of you!

Love it.