Tuesday, December 05, 2006

busy busy time of year

Along with all the fun and magic of the season, Christmas certainly adds on to a mom's already busy workload. Apart from the usual conundrum of laundry, meal planning, housework and the like, we have to walk around with a mental list of who will get what for the big day, shopping to fulfill said list and keep track of what's left to get, wrap said presents, pull out decorations from deep in the darkness of the basement, sort through them and and put them up, make Christmas card list and get to it, arrange family gatherings and meals. And then we have kids who come up with: "Mom, our class is doing a gift exchange, can you go get me something?" and "Mom! can you bring something for our potluck lunch at school?" We have to rehearse parts for school plays and skits. We have to make outfits for Christmas pageants. Phew!!!

So look what I spent my day doing. The twins are going to sing "Mon beau sapin" and, well, have to get dressed as a Christmas tree. So I found some round tablecloths, made a whole in the middle to pass their heads through and armed with a glue gun and some dollar store finds, decorated the tree. I think I'll sew on a bit of garland now to finish it off. Posted by Picasa


BeachMama said...

I love it!! How awesome and very creative :)

DaniGirl said...

THAT is the cutest Christmas tree I've ever seen!!

valerie said...

excellent tree! well done! (I thought it was your tree surround, until I read further).

nancy said...

Woweeeeee!!! Great job! I wonder if you can convince them to be Christmas trees for Halloween??

VERY cute.

Silver Creek Mom said...

What a very cute Beau Sapin.

Never would have thought o doing it that way. My your creative juices are certianly flowing.