Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last week at soccer, I'm sitting on the sidelines with some moms who were discussing all the plans for their kids high school graduation: limos, dresses, corsages, hotels, meals, etc.

And I burst forward full of pride exclaiming "I'm going to a graduation too!"

"oh yeah! Which High school?"

"Actually, it's their preschool"

"oh" they said and turned their heads away...


...nothing could dampen my pride seeing baby boy and baby girl get up on stage with their little black grad hats and receiving their diplomas, way cute and emotional for me...another stage achieved.

It seems like yesterday when they arrived, barely toilet-trained, at that preschool (the same one big sis had gone through 7 years prior) and what a wonderful adventure they've had there. Under the most amazing nurturing watch of some great teachers, they have blossomed and grown physically but also emotionally and especially academically. They made new friends, they learned and saw new things, they came back home week after week with beautiful crafts made with love.

I will miss our daily drives there and back and all the stories and songs we've shared along the way. I will miss many of the parents I've met there, we became quite the little family. Some I will see again, I'm sure, but most of the other ones, even with all the best of intentions, will only be chance encounters. I will miss the teachers who over the years have become more like friends. But mostly I'll miss this magical stage in my little one's lives.

Next year, they will get on the big yellow school bus and go on to a new school (not the one big sis went to)and onto new adventures. They are ready and excited about this new prospect.

I'm so very proud of you my loves :)


valerie said...

So hard to admit they're not babies any more! Happy graduation, though so sad to leave friends and favourite teachers behind.

The picture you made the school of the kids hands is so awesome and so thoughtful.

Happy summer!

Loukia said...

Aww, congratulations! That is way too cute. My Christos is graduating from his playgroup class tomorrow and I'll be there with tears streaming down my face, I'm sure!

nancy said...

So that made me cry.

Congratulations (not so) little ones!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I've been crying since Nathan's Grad on Wednesday and I'm hoping to keep my mind occupied so I don't Cry tonight when Miranda gets HERs.

All graduations are important. HORRAY to the twins!

Love and Hugs

BeachMama said...

Congratulations on the first of many Graduations. I love that they have a ceremony for the kids, I think it really helps them to keep going at their next school, revs up the excitement just a bit.