Thursday, June 14, 2007

art attack part 1

We are in the middle of year end frenzy. Tons of activities, outings and celebrations, organizing schedules and things to bring that has my head twirling. So yesterday morning I had a time out. I took 3 hours for myself. A clandestine meeting with an old love.

I went here

It was wonderful. By myself. Going along from painting to painting with an audioguide and enough time to read every little thing. Surrounded by artsy people, quietly and reverently observing another period in time. It was a little time travel from the everyday humdrum of a SAHM. I love how these work of art portray people having fun, in tune with nature surrounding them. I especially love how Renoir depicts flowers and rivers and landscapes with an abundance of colors and play of light. I love how it depicts a period of time in France, part of my heritage. I love how they remind me of where I live now: the architecture of our home, our river views, the nature around us. I love how the impressionists had the audacity to rebel against their current school of thought concerning art and brought it to an other level, a joyous colorful at times whimsical one as opposed to the more austere, formal versions. Basically, a lot of what they represent resonates so true with attributes of my personality: happiness, nature-lover, simplicity, love of color, poetic love of my homeland.

My love affair with the impressionists has been going on for a long time. Since my preteens for sure when I once took a book out of a library and fell in love with them all. Over the years, I have seen so many of them in Paris, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Montreal. Reproductions adorn some walls at home and I always had a few in my office way back when. This collection had few old favorites I had seen elsewhere so it was like meeting some old friends. A re acquaintance with an old love.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Anr you went without me. I didn't even know it was in town till yesterday.

I know you enjoyed your solidtude though. We do have to do a gallery trip sometime. Glad you went.

I'll only pout a little. ;)

Loukia said...

Hi there! Glad you had fun. I have a question to ask you - we are thinking of enrolling Christos into Montesorri next year... I believe you had told me your kids go there too? What is it like, worth it, great experience, etc.? Which location are you at? I think Cathy's kids go there too, right?

BeachMama said...

Congrats on taking a morning to yourself!! I keep forgetting that the Renoir exibit is here. I am going to make note so I can go before it's gone. I too love Renoir and Monet, two of my faves. And it has been way too long since my last trip to the gallery. J asked if we could go today (on our way to the Children's Museum) but I think he just wants to see the spider up close and I think I would rather look at the artwork without a touching toddler by my side :).