Saturday, June 23, 2007

graduation present

So the twins' first week of holidays included trips to the doctor (with two vaccines each, ouch), trips to the dentist and trips to the eye doctor. As a special treat and as a reward for all this good behavior, I also got them tickets to a show: Hi5 at the NAC (their first time there).

I left early enough, our so I thought. But didn't count on getting stuck in traffic due to a demonstration by Ethiopians and then finding the parking lot I usually go to full because of the local Jazz festival, so parking option 2 was full too and ended up at a local mall to park. When we stepped outside to cross the road, the heavens opened up and buckets full of water came down. So we waited. By then the kids were a little freaked from all this excitement and were crying, a little worried about missing the show. But after a while, the heavens obliged, the sun came back out. We got there a few minutes late but were rewarded with great seats: center stage, second row back.

And it was awesome!

The energy, the colors, the singing, seeing my little ones dance and chant along. All the turmoil to get there was soon forgotten.

And bless their hearts, on the way out they saw all the trinkets that are sold at these kind of places and they looked at me and said: "we don't need any of these mom, coming here was great enough!" Talk about mother's pride. So instead they came home and made some of these all by themselves :)


kate5kiwis said...

"we don't need any of these mom, coming here was great enough!"
ohmygosh.... i *need* your kiddos down here... my M5 just *loves* to accumulate STUFF... crazy.
i love the artwork :o)

BeachMama said...

What a wonderful way to end the concert. How did you teach your kids that? Please share.

I didn't realize Hi-5 were in town. J likes the show, but maybe next year he will really love it and we could go.

Laurie said...

We were there, too... Sorry we missed you!

Big Sister's eyes were as big as saucers when the group came on stage. She said: "It's really them!" I guess she thought we were going to watch the television show on the big screen or something, lol.

Unfortunately, she doesn't yet share the twins "we don't need any of these mom, coming here was great enough!" philosophy :(

Loukia said...

Wasn't it sooo much fun? We also did not realize how much traffic there would be, so we missed the first 5 minutes, but came in for song "Robot Number 1" my son's favourite song! He loved it, and we lasted almost the entire show. We were right up front, row DD! BUT WOW your pics are sooo great! I only took 2 pictures, not so good. I'll post them this week, hopefully. :)