Friday, June 01, 2007

a mommy's life

I keep trying to come up with some profound meaningful worth-your-while-to read kind of post, but my head is not there. Seems that my life lately is filled with simple mundane activities: juggling soccer schedules, birthday parties, year-end celebrations and outings, paying bills, organizing/coordinating summer activities, going to the gym, meeting girlfriends for coffee, etc. Plain old mommy stuff.

Seems everyday at breakfast, I find myself sitting down with my coffee and making a list of things to do for the day. An organized mind focused on tasks at hand make me a happy camper :)

Today's list: buy plants for vegetable gardens and flowers and plant all in afternoon, buy a few year end presents for school teachers, make fruit platter for tomorrow's Greek school celebration, attend two soccer games tonight, unpack big sis bag (came back from a two day school trip to Kingston), figuring out menu for supper.

Yep, not all that exciting. But that's my life. And quite happy with it actually.


mrsmogul said...

Greek school? Cool I picture buffet of greek salads and spanokpitas!

nancy said...

I bought plants this morning and hope to get some done this afternoon.

Supper tonight - BBQ sausages, coleslaw, guacamole and chips, a fun friday nite!

So...I got that far today.

Happy weekend! xoxo

BeachMama said...

I feel very similar about most of my days. I read all these blogs with people running around doing all sorts of cool stuff. Sure I have those days too, but mostly they are about keeping our house in order and entertaining J, not usually the most exciting days, but I am quite happy with it.

Silver Creek Mom said...

MY Life is busy and things are good. I just need to smile and remember it could be worse.



You say your life is filled with simple mundane activities. A lot of the things on your list sound like simple pleasures.
Sometimes it seems that the list of things to do is neverending when you're a mom.