Monday, October 30, 2006

my commute

Everyday as I drive the kids back and forth to their pre-school (third year now) I am in awe on how beautiful my commute is. NO lights, NO traffic. For years and years I was subjected to that crazy rat race. Now I get to relish a tranquil meandering road with certain landmarks that invite daily conversations from my little ones and some great learning opportunities. So a couple of weeks ago, on a warm sunny day when the fall colors were in their glory, camera in hand, I retraced our daily ten minute route to commit it to posterity.

Leaving home:

"Look at all those colors mom!" To which I add, let's say them in all the languages we know!

"Hello cows! Are you going to make us some yummy milk today?"

Our local John Deere dealership which elicits diatribes on motors and mowers and other assorted machinery. And on other days, we've actually seen real deer along the way!

Yep, no traffic!

And how many commuters get to see this sign?

More cows!

No traffic lights either!

Daily major slow-down here every day to see momma and babe: "look mom, they put coats on today, they were cold!"

Made it to school, here's where they play, play, play!


Silver Creek Mom said...

I get the see the horse sign. Although the commute Nathan takes to school does go through our town there is never that much traffic.

Beautiful shots. AND I just went by williams today to the Pumpkin patch.

Cold but so much fun.



I love the sky in the 'more cows' photo.
Simply, gorgeous!

BeachMama said...

Beautiful photos! If only everybody had that same commute it would make life so much easier.

kate5kiwis said...

you are such a cool mommy, stopping to *pick the daisies* on your merry way...

nancy said...

Oh wow...I love this post, love it! Just wish I was a passenger in your carpool.