Monday, June 18, 2007

art attack part 2

As part of the year end frenzy,I found myself organizing some special artsy surprise gifts for some very special teachers at my kids' preschool.

First off, we got all the graduating kids to meet outside of school and create this most amazing piece as a thank-you to the school director whose vigilant and loving direction helped our kids grow and blossom over the past 3 years. The kids had a blast doing this and were very good at keeping it a secret up until the final reveal! It is already prominently displayed on one of the school's walls.

One of our teachers was leaving for good this year, going on to open a similar school in another part of the country. As a special parting gift, I collected money from all the parents and commissioned this beautiful piece from a very special lady whose art I absolutely love. What a perfect scene for a preschool teacher. She was so thrilled with it and will cherish it for years to come.

This kind of gift giving is so good for the soul.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Both pieces are


Great idea's.

Loukia said...

Beautiful paintings! Both of them! :) My mom mentioned something about doing a painting for a teacher who was leaving... sweet idea.


I love them both. What a great idea!

BeachMama said...

Both are gorgeous! How very thoughtful you are and I am sure both the school and the teacher are thankful for their gifts.

kate5kiwis said...

chldren's art is totally unbeatable, i think. although i *love* the other artist's painting too... what a fab pressie. well done you X

nancy said...

fantastic!!! You know that I also love her art...great idea.

Anonymous said...