Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the morning after

What fun it was! The weather was perfect. The kids went trick or treating with a whole bunch of friends, close to 20 of us going from house to house. They laughed and laughed, stopping to look at all the decorations, some of the little ones holding hands. So cute. This was baby boy's first time (refused to go the last two years) and it certainly didn't take him long to "get it". He was first at every door! And baby girl ended up with so much stuff, she would go twice at each house and in the confusion of it all, no one really noticed. After 30-40 minutes, the little ones were getting tired and thirsty so back home we went to watch the hockey game and answer the door bell. A full hour later, big sis made it back. And that's when the loot distribution and sorting started. They each got a shoebox to keep their stuff and all chips and the like became communal. Having a peanut allergic kid means some things get put aside. Looks like I'll be getting my fix of Oh Henry's ;)
Even our betta Pita got into the Halloween spirit!
Look at all the loot they got! Candy and chocolate and chips and cookies and stickers and notebooks and pencils and playdoh too. Love the way they sorted it all out and baby boy was very quick in adding a sign declaring this area to officially be "Candyland"!
I'm sure we'll be finding a few of these lying around in the days to come. Posted by Picasa



The weather was perfect. I also picked up a handful of wrappers, around here this morning.

Silver Creek Mom said...

It was Nice. Nathan loved it. I sat at my sisters on the front step and handed out her candy as Miranda and Uncle Denis took the kids around. It was alot of fun.


nancy said...

Mmm.....yummy!! Love the fish!

So glad everyone had fun!

BeachMama said...

Love the display of loot! We too got some playdough and toothpaste (my next door neighbour is a dentist). I am thankful that we only had one trick or treater in our house though, it is hard enough to stay away from the stuff as it is.

It was a gorgeous night, we stayed outside the whole time, makes for a much more fun Halloween.