Tuesday, October 31, 2006

saying no

October 28th is Oxi day for Greeks. "Oxi" (pronounced ohi means simply "no"). It's basically the day when during WWII, the Greeks said no to Mussolini's request to join forces with them and thereby became a resistance force against them. Now try to explain this to pre-schoolers. We simplified it by saying that Oxi Day is the day when the Greeks told the bad guys that they weren't going to play with them. They told them "No". They were going to play with the good guys only.

So last Saturday, October 28th, we had some good friends of ours over who are quite British as in they never miss an episode of Coronation Street ;) They wanted a Greek feast and coincidentally our respective schedules seemed to be free on this national greek holiday. We served lots of different greek foods and wine, played greek music and had greek flags here and there. At one point during the meal, conversation shifted towards the meaning of this day. To which baby boy announced: "today is the day we say NO to the bullies!" Baby girl starts chanting: "no to the bullies, no the bullies" and big sis adds "So Oxi Day is an anti-bullying day"

Gotta love how the mind of kids work!


BeachMama said...

Really cute the way the kids figured it all out. Love that photo by the way!!

kate5kiwis said...

"no to the bullies, no the bullies"
very very cool.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Too cute. I love it. She has a great mind.