Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i'm pooped

Since the little ones are gone, it was a perfect opportunity to organize certain areas of the house without curious busybodies around. But what a task. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. Spent two days in the den doing household related paperwork, shredding and filing. Then tackled my recipe corner and put all loose recipes in a binder. Went through all their books and centralized them in one area, adding some to the ongoing pile of things to be donated (mostly clothes so far). Today I started tackling the toys and craft supplies. Yikes, so much of it. What to keep, what to give. There are piles everywhere, here and there. I will need another full day to put everything away. One more day of constant work. I still want to go through bathroom cupboards and then the phenomenal task of putting pictures in albums. Sigh!!! But Friday I'll treat myself to a morning at the hairdresser, a little shopping and lunch out...ahhh!


nancy said...

can you please come to my house? I'll wash your hair for you and make you lunch!

BeachMama said...

I second Nancy!! I have almost exactly the same things to do as you are doing. I just need to do them without a certain toddler poking his fingers into everything.

I thought I would have time when he was at Dufffer Doo, but those two hours are gone in a flash and I hardly have time to do anything of substance.

brenda said...

Oh wow! You are doing all the things I said i would do on my 1 year maternity leave...1 week left for me and not much done!!!

Good for you to get that all cleaned and sorted! It sure does feel good, doesn't it!! Almost like you have gained soem control back in your life! Oh, how I long for that!!!

Enjoy your treat day's been well earned!