Friday, November 10, 2006

still here

Busy week, little time for blogging.

A week ago today, we celebrated a fifth anniversary. Our family of 3 became a family of 5. It was a pivotal moment in all our lives. Things changed. A lot of things. But it was a good thing.

After years and years of dreaming about it, with lots of ups and downs and kinks in the road along the way, two little miracles entered our lives. Their little personalities evident from the start: baby girl pushed her way out first (she still always has to be first to sit down and eat, get her teeth brushed first, her pjs on first, etc) and then baby boy, with all the extra room, decided to flip around so twelve minutes later he emerged feet first and the cord wrapped around his neck. And he's still the one to do things upsy turvy and get tangled up in things! But all with a most endearing smile.

I couldn't even write about this a week ago. My heart was too swollen with emotions. It's a definite cliché, but, I do love them so much that it hurts.

So there were ballons and party decorations and cake and candles and we sang happy birthday and there were gifts and laughter and joy and hugs.

Definitely a great celebration worthy of such a grand anniversary.


BeachMama said...

I know the feeling of loving so much that it hurts.

How wonderful that a fabulous birthday was had. What a precious photo of your two beautiful babies. Such a beautiful gift.

nancy said...

Beautiful post...Happy celebrations!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I felt the same way about Nathan's 5th. He has been such a personality fromthe begining and I lobve him dearly when he cuddles on my knee and says You know you the best mommy in the world and I wouldn't want another. Makes me tear up everytime.

Happy 5th !

kate5kiwis said...

you know, it's a big thing when your baby/ies turn/s five.
in NZ that's the time when ya go to school, so i think (even tho i'm homeschooling M5) it's a big event in a mommy's heart.
and you have twice the excitement XX

kate5kiwis said...

oh, happy happy birthdays !!!!!