Sunday, November 12, 2006

3 down, 7 to go

Sleeps that is.

My hubby and the twins are in Florida right now. It's 24C and sunny at 10am as opposed to 4C and cloudy here :( Hubby had a week holiday and instead of hanging around here at this miserable time of year, in between golf and ski season that is, he thought of going to Florida. Taking the twins is no problem, but taking big sis out of school at this time of year was. She didn't want to stay back here alone, even with her grandparents. So, here I am with big sis and there he is with baby girl and baby boy and, of course, managed to get his parents to go too to help him out.

The twins were SO excited to go. They were so looking forward to the beach and swimming in the pool and going to all their favorite places. It will be a great experience for them as trips always are. And I'm sure an eye opener for hubby who will suddenly be thrown in charge of everything ;)

Meanwhile, we've been really busy here and barely home. Friday, while big sis was in school, I went to an all day course with my professional colleagues. A step back into my previous life. Part of me really misses it but I know I'm still not ready to go back. Another year and we'll see. Then we went out for supper and went to play badminton.

Saturday we slept in, breakie, shower, got all dolled up, went shopping, got our nails done, went to a ceramic place and made some Xmas presents, came back home for a night of girly movie and popcorn. Kinda of weird in a way spending so much time one on one with her. Totally out of the ordinary. Its a bit like reacquainting each other. We can talk about whatever and not get interrupted.

Today, we are meeting some of her girlfriends and their moms for a movie.

BUT the house is really quiet. Yes, I miss them. I will hug them like crazy when they get back. But I also have a gazillion little projects I want to do while they are not around and I bet I'll only get half of them done :)


BeachMama said...

You really must miss those two! Is this the longest you have been apart? I have only been apart for a night from J and that almost killed me.

It is great that you are getting the bonding time with big sis, such a crucial time in her life and it is time she will always remember.

Hope you get some of those projects done!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm glad you and Big sis are having this time together. It may be a blessing and a way to keep the doors open when she really needs them soon. With boys and hormones well on there way.

I miss my talk times with Miranda which is why we now do them when Nathan is ASLEEP.


nancy said...

What wonderful and special times you are sharing with her...neither of you will ever forget.

And I can just imagine how QUIET your house is!!! But I also like to imagine the homecoming, how fun will that be with all their excited chatter of everything they did and saw.

kate5kiwis said...

i love one-on-one time with my kiddos...
and they love it too.
i'll bet yas made tons of memories.