Thursday, November 16, 2006

the fruit of my labour

I'm almost there! Should have seen how much stuff I had at the curb this morning! I'm dwindling down to some odd and ends, finally, I'm seeing the end of this task and the neat freak in me is relishing in the end result. The war against chaos and mayhem of stuff is being conquered. I should be good for a few years, I hope.

First in the family room, everything has been condensed into this shelving unit: top row french books, second row english books and top bottom rows, mostly board games and little games neatly concealed in bins and, yes, wipe boxes!

Then the front closet, it was jammed packed and when guests came there was absolutely no room for their coats. So now, I can actually see the back wall and the top shelf is home to puzzles and board games for the older crowd. Basically stuff I don't want opened and spread around without supervision ;)

And finally this shelving unit in the laundry room. When the twins were babies, it held all their clothes. Once that phase was over, it became a catch-all for everything and anything Now we'll have ALL crafty materials on the top 3 shelves, one shelf housing the 3 boxes for mitts/gloves, hats and splash pants and vests.

Yep, this calls for a treat...chocolate here I come:) Posted by Picasa


nancy said...

Again, you are arriving when???

BeachMama said...

Yes, Nancy, I think we should invite TwinMom over. I will bake chocolatey goodness ;).

You did a great job, I can only imagine the stiff that is no longer there. We seriously need to do a purge and sort, it is coming because work on the basement starts in the New Year!