Friday, June 23, 2006

the end of a phase

Yesterday afternoon, the twins and I were waiting for big sis at her bus stop. We had a small pre-schooler picked bouquet of wild flowers to give big sis and a little present for the bus driver who's been coming here for the last few years.

I knew it would be an emotional day for her. And sure enough, when she stepped off the bus, on this her last day of elementary school, her eyes were blood-shot. She had obviously been crying. The little bouquet and hugs from the twins cheered her a bit. Brought her in, prepared all her favorite food for supper. Having a bit of a cold and feeling worn down, she skipped soccer and went to bed early.

Today, favorite foods for breakie and getting ready for a bday party for the twins this afternnon followed by their soccer games. Big sis is going to a year-end party thrown by one of her classmates. She invited the whole class, hired a DJ and the party will go on from 5 to 11. There was a sleepover too but we drew the line there. Tomorrow morning we are heading to Montreal for a wedding.

Oh my beautiful first born. We are so proud of you. You have always been a sweetheart. Vivacious, creative, gentle, loving and inquisitive. Your teachers over the years have never had but great things to say about you. And you finish off your first stage of education by bringing home a straight A report card and a Leadership award.

It feels like yesterday when we first went to visit your "new" school. You holding my hand. You glowing with anticipation. It feels like yesterday when you went for the first time on the big yellow school bus. You were beaming. And I followed the bus in my car with misty eyes and I looked from afar when you went into your first day at the new school. Who knows if I won't do the same thing next year?


nancy said...

You made me cry! You sound like the proudest parent ever, congratulations!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Awww...That made me remeber Miranda's last day of Elementray school. She got the humanitarian award and then proceeded to get honor roll and a few other things. I cried.

I was miserable her frist day of Junior high. And i will be miserable her frist day of the last year of high school coinciding with Nathan's first day of school. I'm going to need to meet you for coffee that week.

YOU have ever right to be proud she is a great kid and s friendly and smart. and let's not forget to mention Beautiful.

Hugs and anjoy the moment.

BeachMama said...

Congratulations to Big Sis. You are so proud and you love beams through in your words.

kate5kiwis said...

oh it does tug on the heartstrings, watching our bubbas grow up into such beeee-autiful people. my biggest boy is about four inches taller than me now, we joke that i need to stand on a chair to tell him off ;o)
peace and luv to you.

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