Saturday, June 10, 2006

joining the sisterhood

Special day for big sis today:

--last day of Greek school and graduation party with her classmates (and special accolades for mom and dad who've been driving her there every Saturday morning for the past 7 years!)

--final rehearsal for the 6th grade year end presentation happening tomorrow: every year they put on an excerpt of a Greek tragedy/comedy from an ancient playwright, she is stunning in her outfit!

--she comes in my bedroom this morning while I'm getting ready with the proof...Aunt Flo has visited her for the first time :~()

No wonder I'm all teary eyed today. My sweet girl has now joined the sisterhood of women...she's exactly 11.5 yo.

...B I G S I G H ...


BeachMama said...

Oh, I can imagine the tears you are feeling. Poor thing joining so early. I hope it isn't too scarey for her and well what more can be said, it sucks ;)

Congrats to her on her graduations and her play, I hope this weekend goes well for her, despite the visit from her Aunt.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Miranda was just about 12 when it hit her. I wish It could have been later.

Now I dealing with raging hormones and boys! Well BOY.

Congrats on her graduations though. It's not easy to go to any of them. I don't now how I'll get through grad and prom next year. B I G S I G H too.