Wednesday, June 14, 2006

soccer fever

This household is deep in it. 3 kids in soccer. 6 hours minimum of organized soccer per week. Soccer paraphernalia everywhere. Constantly washing soccer uniforms and socks. Impromptu soccer practices in the front yard as in pic above when big sis was getting the twins to do some drills. Hubby has been coaching/playing soccer all his life. I used to go watch him play when we were first dating. One year, he was the only white player in an all black team. Another year he was the only non-italian on the team. He played in university and once put me in nets at a practice cuz the goalie didn't show up. He played in the military. Fifth year coaching big sis and her team.

And now the FIFA World Cup. 3 televised games daily. The TV is constantly on. Everyone is watching. Baby boy is really into it: he can tell you which country has played and if they scored, the color of the uniforms, he's analyzing their plays and asking a gazillion questions about the rules and regulations. He's been amazing us when playing with his own team. He is showing a competiteveness and a focus that is surprising us. He is generally the quieter of the two but on the field, watch out. When he gets the ball, he takes off with it at full speed and has already scored many times.

Funny how we relate events according to World Cup years, multiples of four like the Olympics. 20 years ago, the final game of the World Cup in Mexico happened the day we got married. Bad timing. A few of the men in our wedding party ended up at the local bar near our reception hall to catch it on their big screen. 16 years ago we watched the final with friends in Jasper. 12 years ago I was preggo with big sis and had a huge party here. 8 years ago we were in Greece. 4 years ago we were tending to baby twins.

Reminds me of an italian friend of my dad who has been to every World Cup and Olympics all over the world. He works as a chef, has never been married and all his earnings go towards these awesome trips

I guess the World Cup and its fever grasps at our European roots. Soccer, otherwise known as "futball" to millions is a part of life, a cultural thing, a matter of national pride. I've so often wondered what would have happened if my parents didn't decide on a whim to emigrate here. I don't think I would have advanced academically and professionally as much as I have here. This is, after all, the land of opportunities. I've daydreamed for years how my life could have been different. For one, I would have had relatives. But then my dad is quick to point out jokingly how one half doesn't speak to the other half. I could have lived in a country filled with history and culture where people spend lots of time and effort on enjoying themselves and their friends and family than maybe North Americans do, so involved as we are with acquiring things. But I could be wrong, I could be fantasizing and glorifying hours spent sitting at a café when factually indulgences like a long hot shower or plenty of parking spaces are rareties. Who knows. Just simply part of my cultural dichotomy.

For now, I'll just be cheering and wearing the colors of my favorite European team ;)


Snack Mommy said...

Do those twins of yours realize just how fortunate they are to have Big Sis in their lives...I mean really, how impressive is she!

nancy said...

I can watch 4 year olds play soccer for hours BUT....I can so do without this B-O-R-I-N-G World Cup. 0-0 after 90 minutes? what fun is that?

There - back at ya on the never yeast comment.


Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm not a scoccer fan but It looks like fun. I used to play when I was in Elementray school. Was on the school team.

But I can see how it could be addictive.


BeachMama said...

I love how the kids set up their own practice. Now that is a love for soccer.

I for one am happy that your parents emigrated :).