Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the fridge meme

I thought of doing this for a while. This one is for fun. A little glimpse in your life. A slice of your life's continuum. Grab your camera and take a picture of your fridge. Yes, your fridge. We all know how things end up here, They come and they go. No rearranging! Just the way it is. And list what's on it.

Here's mine!

fridge side:
-FIFA world cup soccer schedule
-kids' artwork (butterflies, greek flag, beach scene, Star Wars montage, turtle, piano certificates)
freezer side:
-Xmas pic of kids
-"Our Lord's Prayer"
-magnets from Halifax, Greece, Florida
-hubby's phone numbers
-old prescription pads used now for grocery lists ;)

And now, I tag: beachmama, nancy, sharon, northern mom and the thinking square


nancy said...

i'll do it....

BeachMama said...

I will take your challenge...

Tonya said...

That sure is alot of stuff on the I will have to peek at the others that are doing it as well.. lol

Northern Mom said...


Silver Creek Mom said...

I'll do it...Was looking for something to take me away from house work!

ON my way to the camera!

twinmomplusone said...

can't wait to see them all!

welcome tonya, maybe we can get a peak at yours too?