Wednesday, March 29, 2006

we are back

and it was great :)

A perfect family holiday. Everyone got along splendidly, everyone got to do a bit of what they wanted. The greatness of it was the sheer lack of structure as opposed to our daily lives: we did whatever, whenever. And also in thousands of sweet indulgences.

Every morning we had the paper delivered to us so indulged in reading it ALL and doing the daily Soduko while drinking one or two cups of coffee, even Starbucks on more than a few occasions. Cooking was down to a minimum, breakie mostly, lunch on the go, supper at some neat place. Even grocery shopping was fun, we made it into a family adventure. We shopped, looked mostly at all the stuff they have there that we don't here. Minimal laundry and nearly no housework. No nagging to get homework done or pick up their toys. Daily morning walks while listening to my iTunes. Then bringing the kids to the pool and lying around reading some trashy star-studded magazine. Or packing up and spending a few hours at the beach, collecting seashells, people-watching, building sand castles, playing in the waves. Going to some nice restaurant and ordering a drink. We really didn't do much much, but that was the beauty of it.

As special treats and activities: hubby took golf lessons and played a few rounds, I spent a sublime half day at a spa, we played tennis, frisbee on the beach, went to a local zoo and kid's museum. Only two major outings: visiting an uncle and going to Miami's Seaquarium.

This was our sixth year at the same place so its a bit like returning home as we are acquainted with the whole area. We first went there when I was pregnant with the twins, then when they were 5 months old and every year thereafter. Things are definitely getting easier: no more bottles, diapers, formula, bibs, strollers, water wings, etc.

The twins couldn't quite grasp the concept that when we returned home there would still be some snow and expected to go to school with their shorts on! When we left, our driveway was one long skating rink and when we returned the first thing they literally did was hop on their bikes and rode up and down the driveway!! We left it was winter and we came back to spring, yoohoo!!

I'll share some beach pics later, still working on them ;)



Holidays are the best! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Welcome home.

BeachMama said...

Welcome home!! Glad to have you back :) I know how you feel about going to the same place every year. Since we moved so much growing up, our favorite beach in Delaware is truly like going home. If only it was warm enough right now, I would be driving there tomorrow.

How awesome the kids were able to get out riding their bikes, should I admit that I have been sitting out back working on my tan?

nancy said...

Welcome glad you had such a fabulous holiday, can't wait to see the pics.

We missed you.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Aww do what you want and NO CHORES to do. Love it. Sounds perfect!! Glad you back and I will get the details from you TONIGHT! Can't wait! Maybe a Coffee next week too?


DaniGirl said...

Oh wow, that sounds like such a wonderful vacation!! I'm glad you had a great time - and I'm glad you're back. ;)

My boys have gone bike-crazy too - how could you not love this great weather to come home to.

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