Thursday, March 02, 2006

ebony and ivory

For my 40th birthday, now a few years ago, I was 6 months preggo with the twins, big as a whale, hubby threw me a huge bday/pool party and got me a baby grand piano!!!

Now I don't come from a musically inclined family. When I was 10 years old, spent the summer in Spain with relatives and received from one of them this hand-made guitar. So upon my return to Canada, I started to take lessons. After a few years it was apparent I was OK but definitely not talented so gave it up. When going to my lessons I'd see the other kids taking piano lessons and knew that's what I wanted to do and swore I'd take lessons at one point in my life.

Then when big sis was about 3 years old, her teachers noticed her musical ability and encouraged us to pursue some music lessons. So we borrowed a keyboard from a friend and got her started with piano lessons. And I started learning right along her. So when the baby grand arrived we were both in heaven.

I love having a piano in the house. I've kept up with my self-teaching and enjoy playing it every once in a while. Planning to pick up real lessons at one point. It always attracts kids, like a certain summer day when Dani's boy was quite taken by it. It's great around Xmas time, playing and singing as a family.

After 7 years of lessons, big sis asked to take a break this year. We reluctantly agreed. She picked up the clarinette at school instead. But she still hammers the keys every once in a while and is starting to mention that she's missing it. And now, all of a sudden she decided that she would start teaching baby girl and baby boy. She has all the books. She wrote out a contract for us the parents establishing the monetary contribution required, she set up a system of cards and stickers for them, and off they go. She already got them to play a simple melody. Incredible. So now, every Monday night is piano lesson night right here in our living room!



What a beautiful picture. How fortunate you are to have a piano in your home. Nothing like homemade music!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Right on BIG SIS! I wish Miranda would take the time to teach Nathan but she is too busy with Schoolwork and her friends and boyfriend. Awwww the teenage years.

I'm soo glad it is being put to good use.

Playon People!

DaniGirl said...

Oh wow, what a great 'job' for big sis!! And how lovely that your little ones are interested too!

Yes, as soon as I saw the picture and subject of this post, I knew I would have to mention Tristan's instant love of your 'pina-na-no' but you beat me to it! A piano is one of those indulgences I always dreamed of, right along with a writer's garret (and the time to write and play, of course!)

One day...

nancy said...

That is SO great that it is getting such great use...and SO sweet to be taught your first scales and melodies from your big sister.

We WILL have a piano in this house one day. I even have the money tucked away for it, just have to convince hubby. I look so forward to get back to it myself, as well as expose the kids. I also think ahead to Christmases we can play and sing together.

Didn't my Mr. B once perform a duet with Tristan??

twinmomplusone said...

that's right nancy, he most certainly did!

BeachMama said...

I have the wall ready in our living room for the day the piano arrives :). But, until that day happens, I play at my Mom's, Sister's, other Sister's.... and we have a small keyboard just to keep us waiting. I would love a baby grand like yours, but would be so happy with a simple piano to "tinkle the ivories".