Thursday, March 09, 2006

from freezing rain to warm sand

School buses were cancelled today because of freezing rain (is it me or has this happened more than usual this winter?) and, still not sure if it was wise or not, let big sis stay home with me. I set out some stuff for her to do but she basically ended up puttering around. We then picked up the twins from pre-school, all went out for lunch, a nice treat, and off to skating lessons. Then went to a playdate. But the mom was getting me upset with her negative remarks towards working moms and I had to diplomatically bite my tongue. She made me think of that whole blog Dani had the other day. We left a little earlier that I had thought and I conveniently came up with a small, very small white lie. so i could get out of there before blowing a fuse.

Tomorrow, apart from a few errands, got to pack us all up for our getaway. Yes, we'll be gone for the next two weeks, somewhere where there is no freezing rain :) To say that the kids aren't excited, is a huge understatement.

So this blog will be on hiatus till my return. I wonder if I'll have blogging withdrawal?

Take care everyone!


nancy said...

Bon Voyage mon amie!!!!

BeachMama said...

Have a warm and wonderful time!! You will me missed, but I think you won't be missing us too much ;) Pick up a little sand for my happy place if you can :)

DaniGirl said...

It's us who will be experiencing withdrawal from YOU!

(and just give me the phone number of that insensitive mom and I'll set the record straight on working moms and the mommy wars - oops, I forgot, I'm supposed to be taking the high road...)

Hope your vacation is restful, sunny and idyllic!


Have a wonderful vacation!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Have fun....Take Pictures so I can live through you!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Waiting for an update there Twinmom. Know your BACK!