Friday, March 31, 2006

vacation snippets

All in all a typical beach vacation. No schedules, no homework, no housework, minimal cooking. For the adults: reading all the newspaper while having one or two coffees, morning walks with MP3 player, supper out at great locations, leisurely shopping and browsing, catching up on celebrities lives via trashy magazines while sitting around the pool, people watching on the beach, golfing for hubby, spa afternoon for moi. For the kids: walk over to the pool, drive to the beach, tennis or driving range or putting in afternoon, play in local park, frisbee in backyard, trip to local zoo and kid's museum, visiting an uncle and the biggie, trip to Miami's Seaquarium. All in all didn't do much but still brought back tons of family memories.

In order for us to go to the beach we have to go over the Intercoastal waterway via a drawing bridge. Often we'll get stuck as the bridge goes up and down letting some boat through. Years ago, the first time we approached said bridge, big sis asked what a drawing bridge was to which hubby responded: "well you have to take your pencils and start drawing a bridge!" So now each time we approach it he starts with the "get your pencils ready, time to draw a bridge!" Somehow, makes the kids laugh each time. Now, back home and reminiscing over our holiday moments, baby girl keeps mentioning how she really liked the "coloring bridge" :) So sweet.

Another day, I went in a small shop and while waiting my turn at the cash was looking around and came upon this sign: "For any complaints or inquiries, please call Helen Waite" Get it? It's become somewhat of a joke now around here.

Then we went to the Seaquarium in Miami and at one point the sky opened up and rain poured out as I've never seen before. So we got stuck in this one building which houses this huge reef aquarium. Baby girl goes up to it and along comes this fish, a triggerfish hubby tells me. And baby girl and this fish proceed to "talk" to each other for a good half hour!! Baby girl would tilt her head one way and the fish would do the same, she would talk and then he would too. Was too cute. So of course now, she keeps talking about her friend the fish at the aquarium and how we are going back tosee him next year! Can't wait !! We are truly a family of beach lovers.


DaniGirl said...

How lovely - simply and perfectly lovely, from the colouring bridge to the funny sign to the friendly fish - you make me want to take my kids and run away to the south, too!

But I have to ask - what's up with the funky footprints in that last picture???

Glad you're back!

xo Dani

BeachMama said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome vacation. Except for the one bout of rain, the weather seemed to cooperate with you. And enjoying coffee over a newspaper is great. Love the stories.

twinmomplusone said...

big sis took that picture of the funky footprints, not sure how she did it but definitely cool

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