Wednesday, March 01, 2006

it's back

Last night was TV night for hubby and I. After settling the kids in bed and cleaning up the kitchen, we cozied up on the couch and savored one of our favorite shows: The Amazing Race. After last season's complete disapointment, we were excited to see they went back to their original format. Of course they have the typical panoplie of couples covering all races, genders, lifestyles. We love this show mostly for the armchair travelling experience and the neat things they get to see and do along the way. And last night proved that indeed, the show as we love it is back!


BeachMama said...

I agree, it was great to have the original formula back again!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I like this too. I only watched some of it. I didn't see who got the boot. I was so tired I fell aslee watching.

SO who did?