Monday, March 06, 2006

monday, monday

What a perfect week-end we had! The sun was shining, the skiing conditions immaculate and the kids all got along splendidly. Another family first under our belt: we all skied together down the big mountain. A first for the twins and they did much better than we expected and big sis, with 3 snowboard lessons under her belt, snowboarded all week-end and did great as well. Even hubby took a snowboarding lesson, although in his case it was alot more like snowbutting! Baby boy was so exhausted from all the fresh air and the excitement and the exercise that he literally reached the bottom of the hill, lied on the snow and fell asleep!

Got home and watched the Oscars and realized how out of the loop I am as I didn't know most of the movies mentioned and didn't recognize some of the actors. Better start brushing up on my People magazine reading!

So here I am, Monday morning, with sore legs and tons of laundry to do. This week I will wash and put away all our ski stuff and take out and pack all our beach stuff. Skiing one week-end and at the beach the next. Can't believe how lucky we are and the kids are so excited!

Back to paying some bills. Which brings me to another pet peeve of mine. Why is it each bill has to come along with ten other pieces of useless inserts, how many people actully sit down and read it. Going through the mail means sitting down with a letter opener and a garbage can. What a waste of paper.



It was, a perfect outdoor weekend! I too have sore muscles and lots of laundry.

nancy said...

SO glad you had such a great weekend. We tried to go skating at the local outdoor rink, at least DH & I had fun!

BeachMama said...

Sounds like another great weekend to add to your list, and to be getting ready for the beach! Ahhh, my heart aches. I am beachless and it hurts ;).

I agree with you on the bill front, I have been contemplating online bill delivery for that reason, but I don't think all are available yet.

Silver Creek Mom said...

WOW It was a great weekend! I so envy you guys. You do it all. Just ONCE I want to do something fun on March Break. SIGH!

YUP! hate those extra things. ANd if you don't read it you could miss some important info.

Have a great time in the sunny south!

Anonymous said...

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