Monday, September 04, 2006

what kind are you

What kind of whistler are you?

Can you carry a tune?

I can, a little. Hubby can't. He can only do that really loud two-fingers-from-each-hand-in-corner-of-mouth kind of attention-getter whistle. I can't do that one.

My dad is a good whistler. He'll be working away, like puttering in the garden, and whistle a tune. Hearing him whistle gives me warm fuzzies. And he's always had, as long as I can remember, this two note special whistle just for me. Just a few weeks ago, I was shopping at the mall by myself and I heard THAT whistle. I turned around and sure enough, there he was a 100 ft or so behind me.

And now, all of a sudden, baby boy has started whistling. He'll be playing with his Lego castle and dragons (his current absolutely favorite toy) and whistle away. It. Is. So. Cute. Or he'll be in the car and whistle along to Jack Johnson (which is the only thing we are allowed to listen to when in the car with the twins).

I'm so in love with my nearly 5 year old whistler ;)


Silver Creek Mom said...

WOW that must be genetic! Whistling is not easy. And to whistle alone with the radio in tune is even harder...get him music lessons quick you my have a prodgie on your hands.



I cant't whistle well. I have memories of my father whistling while working around the kitchen on Saturday mornings.

BeachMama said...

I can whistle, most days ;)

It is so cool that you can recognize your Dad by his whistle. I can too!!

Regognize my Dad that is. My Dad gets his supplies from Randall's and no matter which location you go to in Ottawa, they all know my Dad. He is always singing, smiling and whistling a tune. I love that about him. Thanks for reminding me.

nancy said...

I can whistle, and I do occasionally, cause I can whistle way better than I can sing!