Friday, September 08, 2006

another pet peeve

This happened last week. A beautiful sunny morning. The birds chirping. The kids are playing quietly after breakfast in the family room. I decide to go drink my second cup of coffee outside in the backyard. I open the door, coffee in hand, anticipating a few stolen moments of peace and quiet and contemplative relaxation when it hits me.

The smell.


They did it again.

The neighbours had their lawn sprayed with pesticides. It stinks. And I'm mad. That peaceful moment I was anticipating is ruined by this noxious chemical smell.

Now you have to understand, around here everyone has about TWO acres of land AND we are all on well water. The thought of those pesticides trickling down to our water source infuriates me.

So look at their lawn. Yep, it's green.

So is ours.

All right, theirs is mostly grass.

Ours is mostly clover.

So what, Green is green. We're in a rural area for God's sake. We don't need to have that perfect suburban lawn.

And yes, his is more grassy. But he also has to mow it more often, which is a two hour minimum job around here.

Good thing the kids have the sniffles, I kept them indoors away from that crap.

All right, feel better now. Pet peeve and venting over.


BeachMama said...

I thought you were going to say your pesky neighbour came out to chat with you. That is what happens to me everytime I head out for a few stolen moments.

I can't stand that pesticide stuff. We have a lawn of mostly grass, yes much smaller than yours, but we don't use pesticides and it is green and grassy. Which is a lot considering the two furry boys that trample and p on it every day. It is the dogs and J that keep us green, if you must spray there are better ways to go.

nancy said...

We also have green, but not all grass, other types, but it is green. The stinky pesticides are now illegal in Quebec, only natural ones allowed, no chemicals.


Like you, I can't stand the smell of pesticides or whatever poison people like to put on their lawns these days.

When I see a lawn with dandilions on it I know it is a safe lawn.

mommaobrienx7 said...

that stinks - literally. Hopefully they don't do this often.

Silver Creek Mom said...

GROSS! I have mostly quack grass and clover, and I LIKE IT. WHY would anyone do that. I guess it's a macho thing...I HAVE MORE GRASS THAN YOU AND i'M SOOOO GREEN.

Silly Silly people.


kate5kiwis said...

yeah that is gross.
bad for everyone...
can't follow your neighbour's logic...

Suzanne said...

The obsession over grass can be pretty mystifying. I have to lay down the law every now and then over the use of nasty chemicals on our lawn -- my husband would be inclined to sprinkle them liberally if it meant he could achieve dominance over the dreaded weeds. As you said, green is green, right?

andrea from the fishbowl said...

I'm with you. I hate pesticides. It will take awhile before people change their ways. But that day will come, and 50 years from now people will look back on this time with wonderment.

"Those were the days," they'll say, "that people thought it was okay to poison themselves... and it was all in the name of a nice green lawn."