Monday, September 18, 2006

the catch up post

Ok. So this is crazy. All 3 kids are in school all day and I still don't seem to have enough time to do anything. Blogging has definitely become more and more difficult to get to.

So I've been going to the gym every morning after dropping off the kids and walking/ultralight jogging every day I'm not. Two weeks now. Results? Re-energized during the day and proud to do something for myself. BUT. Not a single pound lost. Everything is sore. I realize how out of shape and unflexible I've become, arghhh. I'm more hungry afterwards, wtf?. Its time consuming (driving there and back and chitchatting with people I know and run into--like, hem, I can't be rude and ignore them-- and the gym is in a grocery store, very smart concept, so there's always something and then some to shop for afterwards, sigh). I fall asleep earlier than before out of shear exhaustion. Getting up at 6 am with this new schedule is not helping either BUT I will persevere. It has to become easier and I should get some tangible results one day, right?

September is turning out to be quite the expensive month: school supplies, more school supplies, new shoes, new clothes, new raingear, new rainboots, cheques for special lunches and Scholastic and extra-curricular activites and special school events, I've literally run out of cheques, gotta order some more.

Even fundraising has started. Two days into school and big sis comes home with a huge box of chocolates to sell to raise funds for a special outing at the end of the month. I've never let her go from house to house selling anything for school. I ususally just give a cheque for a certain amount from ourselves. BUT this time, she wanted to do the door to door thing. She practiced her speech and set off after supper with her little sister in tow. I was quite surprised when she sold nearly the whole thing off. How could anyone resist chocolate and two cute girls? It was actually a great learning experience for her.

Gotta run. All 3 kids are starting dance lessons tonight. Not sure how that will turn out :~)

Edited to add: School just called. Baby boy has a fever and fell asleep in class. Great. So much for dancing tonight. Poor kid :(


nancy said...

I just think is it SO SO SO great you are doing so much for yourself. I know it's hard, try to be patient, soon you will be thrilled at the results you'll see.

I hope the little one is soon feeling better and it isn't anything more than just that little blip.

BeachMama said...

I am right there with you. Except my gym is in the basement. I have been going at it every morning for a week and a two days now, no pounds lost but I feel better. I know that in another four weeks I will feel really great because that is where I was at before my surgery. Kudos to you.

Kudos to big sis too, I always hated that door to door thing too.

Hope baby boy is feeling better.


Sounds busy at your place. Glad to hear you are finding some time for yourself.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I soooo want to do what your doing. Maybe one day. Your my Hero and YES SEPT is freakin expensive. It's more expesive this year thanlast withNathan in school.

Keep it up my friend you my not see results but I'm sure you body is changing.

Remember to tell me that when I get down on myself. ;)


Snack Mommy said...

I finally took my hubby's advice last year and stopped trying to monitor my progress based on the scale. I went on a bit of workout blitz (right before my little surpise) and while the scale stayed put, I noticed my butt had lifted and my abs were firmer (underneath the jelly). I still keep weighing myself out of curiosity, but no longer use it as my criteria for success.

I think you also lose fat quicker if you have more muscle development, but again that won't reflect on the scale. As for the eating, have you found that you are hungrier for better food? Do you find that when you work out you crave less crap?

If you are a snacker (chips etc). I recently became addicted to Cheeka Crackles(Sobey's chip aisle). They come in all flavours, and you can eat a ton with very little fat. Now that the AR is back, I'm sure you are looking for a little snack to accompany it!

Good luck, I'm going to go and try to practice what I just preached!

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