Wednesday, September 20, 2006

just another day

To start where I left off last post, picked up baby boy from school with a high fever. A little Advil and he eventually got better. Both his sisters were lethargic so we skipped their first dance class. No big deal.

Put them all to bed early and I started to get things ready for the next morning. It would be my friend's birthday the next day. Her 45th birthday and her first one without her mom who passed away a few months ago. So as a present to her and in hopes of cheering her up, I organized a breakfast/get-together for a group of common women/moms acquaintances. Most of them are from our Church's community. Every once in a while, one will throw such a breakfast/get-together. I had attended a few and now it was my long overdue turn to host one.

Now these get-togethers tend to be a little fancy-schmancy. Kind of a nice treat for the moms actually. So the house got a full tidy over. Then out came the fine china, silverware and fancy napkins and I even became creative with table decorations.

Freshly squeezed orange juice was served in tall champagne flutes with dried cranberries at the bottom of the glass, I made two kinds of quiches, lots of crepe suzette served with fresh fruit and maple syrup, cheese platter, home made apple tarts (thanks to my dad) and a huge fruit salad. And of course, lots of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

So I got everything that I could get ready the night before and finally went to bed. It was of course quite late by then. And isn't it one of Murphy's Law that when mom goes to bed late, something is bound to happen that will interupt her sleep. especially when there's something important going on the next day! Before long, I was up with baby boy, his fever had resurfaced and complaining of an earache. More advil. Finally resettled him and back to bed. Up again with baby sis. She was thirsty. Got her some water. Back to bed. Up again with big sis. She was in a daze, incoherent, finally dragged her to the bathroom for a pee and resettled her. 6 am was there before I knew it and I was bushed. Of course, when the kids got up, they were all fine. Got them off to school and did my last minute preparations.

The breakfast was awesome. The chitchat great for our souls. Did I mention there were NO kids! Moms only! A rare treat for us all. Seeing the joy on my friends face made me SO happy and made all the fussing and preparations so worth it.

It was over before I knew it. As they were leaving, school called. Baby boy is crying in pain. Go pick him up. He's clutching his ear and his fever is up again. Call the ped. He can see us in a few hours. It was a long afternoon for him. The Advil and Tylenol not doing anything. Poor kid. I felt horrible seeing him suffering so. Pick up both girls from their schools and head over to the peds. BOTH ears have a massive infection. Gives us a prescription. Go to one pharmacy, tells me it will be ready in 15 minutes. Arghh. Go back and tells me, sorry, we don't have that antibiotic here. I'm fuming. Off to another pharmacy to fill it. Finally get back home, he has to take it with food. Kid doesn't want to eat. By then its past supper time. Emergency solution. Open up a can of chicken noodle soup. Hubby gets home and declares: "what? is that all we are having for supper?" He got THE look. And leftovers from that morning.

Just another day in a busy mom's world ;)


nancy said...

I realize it is very cliché, but when it rains it pours!

I am thrilled (and jeaous) to hear of your fancy-ass breakfast party, sounds delightful!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Yup..Always happens that way. Need sleep done't get it.

AND WOW What a BREAKFAST! I'm jealous and drooling just readin about it.

I'm glad your friend loved it and smiled. That's is worth it all.

As for the Hubby the look was all MINE would have got for a question like that.


I believe once you become a mom you become 'Super Woman'.

kate5kiwis said...

that breakfast sounds deeeee-lishus...
hope baby boy is feeling way better now xx

BeachMama said...

Your breakfast sounds wonderful. I should have hired a sitter for our dinner last Friday night it would have been a little more fun ;O)

Sorry to hear baby boy has an ear infection. Sounds like the first round of back to school colds are hitting your house quickly. Hope he recouperates quickly.

As for Hubby, yours and Mine could hang out nicely together.

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Northern Mom said...

I haven't had crepes since Tremblant....the table looks awesome and I hope everyone bounces back quickly!