Friday, August 25, 2006

a new friend

There are a few horsebackriding places in our area. For years, big sis asked us to go for lessons. So last summer, she went for a week and loved it. She just finished a two week camp and loved it even mmore. Looks like we are looking at 3 weeks next summer!

Like Marla said in her post, there's something about girls and horses. We don't come from a family knowledgeable in horses. I think I rode twice in my life. Yet despite the flies and the smell and having to clean up stalls, big sis really fell in love with horses. She was ready, even making her lunch, early in the morning so she could be the first one there. She went to the library to get books on horses. She surfed the web for even more info. She got to ride the same horse for the past two years: Oliver, a sweet gentle giant. His photos are all over her room. On the last day of camp, they put on a show for the parents. The horses were groomed. Big sis even braided Oliver's mane. She started doing some small jumps and my heart just about jumped out of my chest. To see such a small girl in control of such a big creature was formidable. And little sis is just as infatuated. She couldn't wait to go pick up her sister every day so she could go see the horses, pet them, talk to them and feed them carrots!

There's a new house being built near here and they've added an enclosure with a lovely stable in the back for a mare and her foal. Of course, each time we drive by we have to slow down to admire them. Now both sisters are pressuring us to get Santa to bring them a horse!

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nancy said...

What a great experience and learning opportunity for her. My 10 year old niece is also into the same, we went to watch her, I was scared shitless seeing her on that big animal!

Like I said to Marla, I do thin horses are beautiful, to look at, but I am rather scared of them.

Silver Creek Mom said...

I was a horse nut at her age too. AND I owned one for awhile. I loved it.

Oh get her one Mommy...It's great for showing responsiblity.

Nothing like Horse Pressure.

kate5kiwis said...

wow that looks like lotsa fun. glad she loved it so much :o)