Thursday, August 31, 2006

little bankers

With big sis off to school, the twins are now getting antsy about starting too. They have all their things ready and keep asking me "are we going to school today?" and baby boy even starts crying if I tell him "no". Seems I have to work on finding things for them to do more now. Guess big sis was good at that ;)

So over the past two days we embarked on a big project. We played bank. I pulled out a HUGE container full of coins, coin sorters and coin wrappers. I installed them on the family room floor with some music playing in the background and they spent hours sorting, lining up, making up stories, etc. They found American coins and put them in a special "Florida" pile, they found a few Euros and those went in a "for Greece" pile, they kept aside a whole variety of commemorative quarters and nickels and dimes. When all was said and done, we had close to $110 in rolled coins. Then we brought them to the bank where we got "paper money" which we used to go shopping and bought their special indoor shoes for school and a little treat each.

Now, what should today's project be?



We also rolled our jar full of coins this summer. Dad had been saving for quite a while.

nancy said...

That's a great idea!! Where did you get than handy little sorting thingy?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Good Job Mom.

When do they start, next week?

If they do we can meet for coffee and chat.

twinmomplusone said...

got that little plastic coin sorting thingy ages ago, obviously before toonies came to be and have no clue whre to get something like it

DaniGirl said...

What a GREAT idea!!!

kate5kiwis said...

OMG what a cool thing to do. my kiddos *love* money too... any kind lol.

last month New Zealand has had a complete change of coins. 5c have now gone, and there are new 10c, 20c, and 50c coins. they look like *play money* to me.
1c and 2c were phased out a few years back, and the $1 and $2 paper money was replaced by GOLD COINS.

makes a kiwi feel slightly schitzo really.

but we have saved a h-u-g-e jar of 5 cent pieces which we use for card games that you need to "bet" for..
or otherwise we buy a huge packet of m&ms which we divide up and bet with those !!!!

your coin sorter looks like a fabulous thing...