Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ever since reading Beachmama's post about them, I've been mulling it over in my head trying to figure out what mine are. Even looked up the definition:

ad·dic·tion (plural ad·dic·tions)


1. drug dependence: a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug

2. devotion: great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted
Internet addiction

So we'll go with this last definition mostly.

Definitely my computer. Since becoming a SAHM it has become my lifeline to the outside world. Its where I do my banking, some errands, organize soccer practices, arrange playdates, research future purchases, keep in touch with friends, make new friends through forums and lately my new blogging project. Its a moment to myself, a chance to use my brain.

Photography. I've always liked taking pictures and ever since the digital camera entered the picture (he he) I can just go nuts with it, snapping as much as I can. Then I download them, rearrange them, fix them, print them, make cards with them, make calendars for family, etc. I have a particular interest in pics of flowers or scenery. I hope to keep doing more and more of this with the years, maybe some courses one day and maybe even transposing this passion to painting.

Travel. As in doing it but even the armchair variety as in travel magazines, travel shows. Was subscribed to national Geographic for close to two decades (put an end to it when the twins arrived, sigh). Now combining this addiction with the two previous one would lead to blogging-photojournalism, oh yeah!

Carbohydrates. Although this may be more of an addiciton as in definition #1. Mostly: jams, crusty bread, pasta, potatoes and baked goods. Part of me wants to blame my dad who was a pastry chef and would drag me as a child to visit bakeries/pastry shops of friends of his and we would sit in the back shop and talk and I would help in making these delicious creations and end up tasting them of course.

Sandals. Had to go count them. Yep, over a dozen for sure. Hubby calls me Imelda Marcos at times.

Turtlenecks. My favorite cold weather garment. And yes, even a few stripped ones like Dani!

Face creams. One for daytime, one for nighttime. Can't live without them and get close to a panic state if I'm about to run out.

Perfume. Soft floral-citrusy kinds, not too sweet. Always have a good half dozen. A little spritz behind my ears with the one most appropriate for the day or my mood.

Vases. As in glass, pottery, small, big, useful or purely ornemental, traditional or funky. I seem to have them all over.

Organizing. That's my perfectionist self at its best. I can't stop sorting, rearranging, classifying, streamlining, putting in order. I like things just so. Used to drive my employees nuts. Now its my kids that are driving me nuts. Its constant chaos. Fighting entropy is a lost battle. But I keep going...

Last but not least: hugging my kids. All the time, whenever and wherever I can. Its how I get warm fuzzies. And they're well trained. I can look at them a certain way and they know I want a hug. If they ask for something I'll often answer: "only if you give me a hug first". One can never have enough hugs from their kids :)

Wishing I was back there:


DaniGirl said...

You can never have enough striped turtlenecks, although I do admire the fact that you have over a DOZEN pairs of sandals!! I don't think I have that many pairs of shoes (but I probably do have that many striped sweaters, if not turtlenecks!)

I love how many things we have in common! Maybe with practice, some day I'll be as cool as you! ;)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Love this...i have been thinking about it since I read BeachMom's But I haven't had the time to blog. With Jack around NOTHING GETS DONE. Just like over at Blogpourri.


BeachMama said...

Ahhh, thank you!

Maybe we could take a photo class together?? Henry's offers some good courses a little less expensive than the College and the time commitment is shorter. I have taken the college courses, but the classes are totally different now that I have gone digital. Time to start all over again.

I too have a huge number of sandals, but have to admit that this year I have been wearing my one favorite pair. I should pull them out before it is time to put them away again ;).

Thanks for playing along :)

kate5kiwis said...

oh i l-o-v-e the part about the perfume: "floral citrus" is me too. i have a wonderful memory of being in paris last month and buying giorgio armani's code from a fabulous salesman (who hubby dubbed "Pierre") in SEPHORA on the champs elysees (*kate takes a breath and stills her beating heart*)
it has notes of (french accent) "oh-r-r-ange and 'oney"
not just the perfume either !!!

Anonymous said...

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