Thursday, August 03, 2006

is it the planets alignment?

It's been a strange week filled with unfortunate events that are making me wonder if there's some higher power's influence or perhaps star or planetary alignments that are conjuring all these turn of events.

There was dani's news and then beachmama's news. Thinking fondly of you both.

There were two different playdates arranged with some great women I wanted to spend time with that never materialized. Sigh.

And then last night. Not the worst event of the week by any means. Just the cherry on the sundae. This company we deal with invited us all for a sunset cruise on the Ottawa River including appetizers and open bar and viewing of some international fireworks. The kids were excited. The twins looking forward to their first boat ride. And did I mention that this whole excursion was FREE!!!

So we show up, start riding down the river, looking at some sights, hubby and I have a glass of wine, kids having fun waving at people on other boats and sipping their ginger ales. Ahh, blissful. And then it starts drizzling. We take shelter. But before long, it's not only raining its POURING as one of the hugest downpours. The fireworks, to my dismay, still went on although with the low lying clouds their spectacular effects was diminished. And along with the manmade fireworks came the natural fireworks: lots of ligthning. And the rain kept on coming. Most people on the boat couldn't care less, alcohol tends to dull the senses;). But there was a table of women in a panic mode and freaking everyone out, arghh. Had to reassure big sis. And the twins in all this? They enjoyed the whole thing: the ride, the appetizers, the ginger ales, the glow sticks I had previously gotten for them, riding UNDER the bridges and just fell asleep in our arms when they got too tired. All in all, despite the horrible weather (as in the boat's captain said he's never been in such a horrible storm in the past decade he's been manning this boat) it was an adventure. Four hours on this boat and the kids behaved exceptionally well. So proud of them. But boy were we soaked ;)


Kristina said...

I am not sure if it is the planets for me, but, a dark cloud has been lingering over my head for a couple of days now.

Where's my sunshine!!???

Yes, it has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS, wait, WEEKS!!!!


I had outdoor plans that day and although the weather channel was pridicting ominous weather ahead we stuck to our agenda. I counted my blessings that the storms held off until my brother and his wife were safely in the sky on their way home to Alberta and we were all home. Summer and outdoor activities you just never know.

I find I am always more disappointed for the kids.

nancy said...

Isn't it great how the little ones can find the brightest light even in less fortunate conditions. We should all learb to live like that more often.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Sounds like a week. We have to get together soon. Summer will be over and we WILL Have not chatted. I will Hate that.


mommaobrienx7 said...

Sorry you got rained on! The rest sounds fun though!

BeachMama said...

Sorry to have missed that playdate. Things just don't always go as planned. Sorry that your cruise wasn't quite up to par, but so wonderful that the young ones found the joy in natures display.

Hope to see you soon.

DaniGirl said...

What a week, indeed! Simon has just today been able to keep anything down - it got much worse after I talked to you, but I think it's just now getting better.

Here's hoping for a sunshiney, barf and poop free, happier rest of August for all of us!