Tuesday, March 06, 2007

that mouse thing

See that little ticker in the corner? 4 days till Florida, 4 days till we hit Disney, first time ever with the kids. Last time hubby and I were there was 20 years ago, on a sweltering August Day, waiting in line trying not to collapse from heat exhaustion.

I should be ecstatic, right? Actually its stressing me out. I'm not a big fan of theme parks, or big thrill rides or cutesy Disney characters. Neither is hubby. I'm not a big fan of huge crowds. I'm dreading long line-ups. I'm dreading whiny tired hungry kids. I'm dreading having to negotiate where to go and when, in order to satisfy everyone's needs and desires while in the park. The hotel room looks pathetic for what we are paying. But its the only one we could get for a family of five on the resort itself without dishing out tons of our savings. Family of five are considered abnormal in Disney world , a family of four is normal. I just bought our entrance tickets for the 5 of us for 3 days...its a total rip-off. 9 year olds and over are considered adults. No wonder people save forever to come here. We've already spent more on 4 days here than we usually do for a whole 2 weeks away. And we haven't even arrived yet! We usually stay places where we are in control of what we eat, as in having our own little kitchen. But not here. We will be trapped in the land of the outrageously overpriced and nutritiously questionable sustenance for 4 days. And then big sis asks: "what happens if it rains while we are there?" Well, we still have to go, its already payed for. Amazing how we have to pay for everything ahead of time. What a gimmick. There's something about the whole commercialism of this whole thing that's bothering me. Who knows, maybe I'll think otherwise afterwards. But for now, I'm quite skeptical. I'm waiting for that infamous Disney magic to do its thing.

Ah well, this IS for the kids. Hope they enjoy it. I will just have to take lots of deep breaths and hope we don't loose each other. I figure our true vacation, hubby and I, will start once we are out of the reach of that little mouse with the funny ears.


BeachMama said...

We want to go too, but want to wait until J is older and can remember it a bit more. I know it is all such a money grab, but everyone I know ends of having a good time in the end.

A tip I learned from a family that was always at the beach when we were. Dress everybody the same. That way it is so much easier to spot each other. The family that we used to see was Parents, two boys (possibly twins) and an older girl. They all had matching shirts and shorts. Swim suits too!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Oh How I feel the same about that place as you. I figure it's a money grab and I'm not a huge fan of theme parks and I don't want to pay a foutune for it. BUT i know one day we will go. I hope you do enjoy it. I hope you take lots of pictures the first time Baby Girls sees Cinderlla that will be magical.

nancy said...

Well, I am almost certain you will ALL have a fabulous time....really!!!

andrea from the fishbowl said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. Disney wasn't my top choice for vacation destinations either ... but as you know we just got back and all had a great time.

Try to stay positive about it! And bring rain ponchos. Even if it doesn't rain they'll come in handy on the River ride at Animal kingdom. Trust me. :)