Monday, March 05, 2007

joe update

Session #5 with joe. Each one so far has had a "theme" along with questions to get thought processes going. Today's theme: life style health habits...didn't fare too bad there too...write down goals (done), keep a daily journal (guess this blog counts), eat frequent smaller meals (working on that), strength train 3x/wk (more often than not), plan meals ahead (as much as I can), create a workout schedule (most of the time), sleep 8 hours a day (most nights).

Last week wasn't that great, 3 days with NO exercise and it actually bothered me and going out and having pizza and beer one night didn't help either.

My workout session wasn't that great today either. Somehow, I wasn't as strong as I usually am. P*ssed me off a tad. One week of not doing as much was a step back. He said it happens to everyone, we'll have weaker days than others. What will 2 weeks of being away to Florida do? Of course I will try to walk and bike and swim and maybe go to a gym as much as I can and consciously eat healthy, but it is a holiday after all .

And the slow progress of this all. I'm seeing this long road ahead of me and feeling a little discouraged today. A whole month of working at it, exercising, eating healthy, reading health books, putting it all on the forefront of my consciousness and that da*n scale barely moved. Da*mit. I lost weight faster with WW. Combine that to the fact that I was aiming this whole fitness routine to our Florida departure and here I am a few days away and not that much further ahead as when I started it seems.

All right, snap out of it. At least I'm doing something. Its GOT to be better than not doing anything at all. There's got to be internal changes I'm not seeing.

And now, gotta get into the packing mode. I LOVE traveling but I HATE packing. How to pick which shoes to bring, which clothes, is it too much, is it not enough. AND I have to worry about myself and 3 other human beings...hubby only worries about himself ;) All right, off to try my bathing suits and shorts, urghhhh.


nancy said...

Muscle weighs more than fat. You ARE doing something totally amazing for yourself, I admire you.

Have fun in Florida, I'll miss you!


kate5kiwis said...

well i am clapping and cheering you that you have actually *started*.
go girl.
you are much better off than before you did... (are you tracking with this, or am i w-a-a-a-y off ??? lol) seriously. just keep on keepin' on. every day you *do* it, is one day closer to your goal
(four fingers pointing back at moi)

BeachMama said...

You are doing a great job!!! It is the toughest thing to keep going when you aren't seeing results the same. I was in a similar boat last fall, but I kept going as long as I could.Eventually it will all balance out and you will see more of the results you are looking for.

Have fun next week! I'll miss you too!

Silver Creek Mom said...

aww Hun I know how you feel, March break here & no chance to go and workout. And the scale won't move scae hunny your begining to be ripped. I'm going to be seeing muscles popping out all over you.

Just take it one day at a time. You CAN do it.

Now remember to remind me will ya?

snackmommy said...

I don't have the scientific explanation, but my friend at the gym was telling me that the first 6 weeks, are changes to your body internally, and you will start to see the external changes after that point.

I'm sorry I can't recall the exact science of it, but I am expecting to step in front of the mirror on that day and see a complete transformation. I'm sure it will be the same for you :~)

And uh...step away from the scale, and pay attention to how those pants feel instead.