Friday, March 09, 2007

sun and nuts

Little surprise on our back deck this morning : peanuts, some chewed up, some whole. Half a dozen or so.

No big deal really, unless you have a son with peanut allergies!!!!! Those da*n chipmunks!! We must have a neighbor who feeds them, great. The war is on, they will have to vacate our premises!! The chipmunks that is.

I'm off to bed, exhausted after a day of packing. We are flying to Florida tomorrow and now they are calling for freezing rain , lovely!!

So tune back in 2 weeks time :)


nancy said...

Have a great time!!

BeachMama said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!! Say hi to the sun and sand for me :).

Silver Creek Mom said...

Hope you made it out ok. Da*n that freezing Rain. Although it didn;t last long.

Have a great time and bring back soem warmth for me...Please?

Silver Creek Mom said...

Knock Knock Knock

Anyone home

Cricket Cricket


(Vacant echo)

Gee wonder where She got to?

Did she move to Flordia?

Well I'll just move in.

Did you hear the one about....

Damn no fun with no one here?


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is o.k. Have not heard from you in awhile