Thursday, March 01, 2007

an old new game

Usually when hubby goes away, even for a week-end, he'll feel compelled to bring something back for the kids. After having exhausted all possibilities of trinkets from airports, I've had to tell him to stop this practice. The first few times, i even got stuff from the dollar store which he "gave" them. But on his last trip, he brought something back, kinda for me:

A book on Chinese Jump Rope, by Klutz.

He said it caught his eye as he was walking past a store in the airport and he knew how much I loved playing this as a child. I was so excited to get this! Leafing through teh pages, all those moves done a gazillion million times so many years ago, came flooding back. I played this game ALL THE TIME. I was neighborhood champ. And having a mom working in a clothing manufacture, I always had quite a few sets of elastics. I played till it got dark out,every day. If we didn't have enough players, we would improvise and use a chair or a reticent grown-up or a lamppost. Talk about being in shape, pure aerobics ;)

I am so glad someone thought of immortalizing this game in a book. And with spring now in the air, I can't wait to introduce this to my girls!

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BeachMama said...

I love it! I used to play that a lot as a kid, funny how the stuff we used to find fun is now considered aerobics or excercise.

I often wonder if our couch was higer up would I have abs of steel like J does from all the climbing up and down. We were at the park a while ago and I thought I would show J how to go accross the monkey bars. Apparently my arms and body forgot how to do it, like I used to... can't swing for more than two! It is terrible really.