Wednesday, February 14, 2007

st valentines

We went the home-made route this year for the twins. An easy and inexpensive project for them. Got some paper doilies and stickers from the dollar store and they just went ahead and decorated and signed their names on the back. Easy shmeasy but still cute.

Big sis, first year where she didn't bother with making cards. But at the last minute this morning, she grabbed a few heart shaped lollipops we had to distribute to friends at school.

Tonight, our traditional chocolate fondue! Off to farm Boy to get lots of fruit!! Yum!!!


nancy said...

Chocolate fondue - yummy is right!!!

Loukia said...

Hi! Just read your comment on my blog - and thank you! You said I met you at my mom's - are you a friend of hers?

BeachMama said...

Chocolate fondue, what a great tradition. Enjoy!! I wish I was doing the same :).

kate5kiwis said...

those hearts are gorgeously cute:
valentine's is not-so-big down here:
i was giggling as i heard M5 explaining valentine's day as *it's a day when boys give presents to girls*.
sounds good to me!!!


Out of all the valentines my daughter dropped out of her bag when she arrived home yesterday, the one home-made one was the first one I picked up. Simply gorgeous!