Monday, February 26, 2007

a perfect week-end

We couldn't have picked a better week-end to go away. The weather was absolutely perfect. The snow conditions too. The lineups at the lifts nearly non-existent. All 3 kids were in a great mood. And we skied. And skied. Till my legs couldn't anymore. The first week-end ever that we skied both days, with all 3 kids, up and down the mountain. They had a blast. I will never forget the look of joy on their faces. The laughter emanating from us all. What a great sport to do as a family. And my heart was bursting with "proud-mommy" juice. The little ones did awesome. What great stamina and how quickly they learn. We even took them down an intermediate run!

What a workout walking around with ski boots, backback
and carrying two sets of skis and poles!!

Love taking that gondola up!

Snack time!


Silver Creek Mom said...

You ski bunny you!

I love that place. Can't we all go back again? Hang out in your place?

And could you teach me how to ski? I think I would love it although I'm the biggest klutz on the planet!

Silver Creek Mom said...

OH! and It must have been in the air all the fun and happiness this weekend. It was a good time all around!

Happy Mommy. Happy Kids...Just LOVE IT!

nancy said...

Absolutely fabulous!!

P.S. Can you be my mommy?
P.P.S. Would you let me drink wine apres-ski?

BeachMama said...

Hmmmm... I really miss skiing, especially in a wonderful place like that. I am hoping that J will love to ski so I have someone in the family to go with me :). Otherwise, I might have to be adopted by yours.


Fresh air and sunshine; what a wonderful combination. Sounds like you and yours enjoyed yourselves.