Monday, February 05, 2007

here we go again

Last week, I kept the kids from school one morning to bring them to an open house at the school they will be attending starting next September. First grade. Already. Big lump in mom's throat here.

Seven years ago I went through this common ordeal that parents face: selecting a school for their wee ones. Visited a few. Talked to hords of other parents. And for a mutitude of reasons, made a final selection. It turned out fine. Big sis went to that school for 6 years and she did well.

So seven years later, for the sake of being thorough and most probably anal, started looking at the options available for the twins. Visited a few schools. Talked to hords of parents.

So last week, the twins and I returned to big sis' former elementary school. It was like returning home. The principal, the secretaries, the teachers all came to say hello and "how's big sis doing in high school?" and "are those really the twins? starting already?" Most of them have lived through my pregnancy and saw them on several occasions over the years. The kindergarten teacher assured me that the group of kids my little ones would integrate with next year are great. The first grade teachers were there too and they got to meet them. We discussed how I would like them to be in the same class, for next year at least, just because they don't really know other kids for now. Maybe we'll separate them in the following years. Just another layer of decision-making specific to twin parents.

Bottom line: my mind is at ease now, well more at ease. I think it will be fine. I hope. They feel very comfortable with that school. They can't wait to finally get on a school bus (having watched big sis get on one all these years).

When I left, the secretary, a really sweet lady, tells me: "another 6 years for you!"

Yikes! Here we go again!


Northern Mom said...

We register for school this week too....I'm cryin' with ya

Silver Creek Mom said...

They will love it and do fine and think you putting them in the same class is a wonderful idea. At least at first.

Gosh they will be in first grade. It's soo amazing they ahve come to this already. Well all of us.


BeachMama said...

I have to register J on Monday!! I am getting nervous that and realizing I have to walk him and pick him up every single day! It really hit me this week while we walked to Preschool, that we would do it everyday. Ahhh, grade one, can't believe it :).


Oops! My comment for this post ended up down in "taking care of me."