Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a perfect week-end, part 2

We just got back from skiing. I'm pooped. I asked big sis if she can look after her siblings for a bit while I take a nap. Look closely, that's me on the couch!! So she makes up this game. She always makes up games. She has tons of creative juices. And lately we've been fortunate to be in a really good place in the tween-nearly-teen roller coaster of emotions/moods. She grabbed my camera and after taking a picture of herself in the mirror, she proceeded to take close to 25 pictures of all sorts of little things around the condo. Then with a timer in hand, she would show her siblings a picture on the viewer and they had to walk around the condo to find what she took a picture of and report back to her and she would write down how long it took them to find it. Brilliant!!! They had a blast and I had a well deserved siesta. What a great big sis she is. I will always remember the day hubby and I told her that we were expecting. She responded with all the seriousness that a nearly seven year old can muster "well, its about time!" And when we told her it was twins, she exclaimed with utter joy "All right! We are finally going to be a real family!!"

Another funny thing happened last week-end. The twins, after some deliberation, came up to us and asked if they could sleep together. Usually the sisters sleep together in one bed, hubby and I and baby boy in the other (with me more often than not ending on the couch in the middle of the night due to constant kicking from baby boy, his legs never stop even when sleeping). So of course, we let them. SO CUTE. Them getting ready for bed, and cuddling together and talking till Hypnos came to get them. What a special bond they have.

All right, off to finish unpacking! Funny how a 2 day family getaway means 2 days of preparation and 2 days of unpacking for mom ;~/


Silver Creek Mom said...

Sounds Awesome! She is a great BIG sister and I wish Miranda was still like that but she is just abit older and involded in getting ready for College.

I love that the twins wanted to be together. I just love the bond they Have.

You've had a great few days!

BeachMama said...

What an awesome big sis! So much fun that she creates games to play with her younger siblings. And how cute that the twins love spending so much time together.

Even with the unpacking sounds like a pretty wonderful weekend :)

Loukia said...

Aww, sounds like you all had a great time! And your daughter is a great big sister. And your twins sound so precious, how sweet is that! What a special thing it is, to be a twin.