Thursday, October 05, 2006

happy Thanksgiving

What a glorious morning. Took that picture on our way to the twins school. Along with a gazillion other ones. The morning light playing on the colorful trees'foliage was breathtaking.

No turkey for us this week-end. At least I don't think so. We are leaving this afternoon for Detroit. We are attending a cousin's baby girl's baptism. A big fat greek party. Should be fun. The kids are excited at the prospect of sleeping in a hotel in Toronto tonight and then seeing their little cousins over the week-end. I'm a little apprehensive about spending all those hours driving with them. The longest for them so far. Yes, we've been on planes for much longer but seems to me that's easier as you can get up and walk and there's more things to do. Oh well, I did a tour at the local dollar store yesterday and have a couple of surprises for along the way.

Better go pack. Yes, I'm in charge of it all. Gotta get the truck all loaded up and then will go pick up the kids at their respective schools and hubby at work. We're planning to beat the traffic (Senators game tonight) and having super around Kingston and checking into the hotel at bedtime.

So happy Thanksgiving to you all :)


BeachMama said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a great time, you will probobly find the ride in the car no problem at all.

I almost called, but remembered you were going away. Hubby is running a half marathon out your way on Sunday and I was going to see if you wanted coffee for the two hours between the start and finish ;). Next year!

Have a safe and happy trip!

nancy said...

Safe and happy travels!!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

Happy Trip want to see pictures.

kate5kiwis said...

woo hoo
yeah, i wanna see pix too.
hope you all had a fabulous time xx