Monday, December 19, 2005

a week before christmas

The week-end before Xmas came and went and the magic of the season surrounded us. It started off with a huge snow dump on Friday which left a Currier and Ives look around here. We went to see Santa at the Mall, had our annual family pic taken with him and the kids told him what they wanted with just a little coaxing. We then went out for supper, a special treat, to celebrate big sis' great report card. Kids had a small Xmas party to go to Saturday morning and I fought the crowds and did the last of my Xmas shopping. The afternoon was spent outdoors frolicking in all that snow, cross-country skiing around the house, in for hot chocolate. Then it was movie night...with a Xmas theme of course. Sunday morning we worked on setting up our skating rink, finished the pinata for the preschool's Xmas party, more skiing and snow frolics and then off to the kids' Xmas show for their language school. We had been practicing a poem and song with the little ones for weeks and were so worried they would freeze on stage but boy did they surprise us! They did awesome. Their first time on stage, with a microphone, in front of hundreds of spectators. Big sis was part of the choir and sang throughout. Then back home for supper and an evening of Xmas crafts. Being four, the little ones are in such awe of this whole Xmas thing its pure magic watching them. They are constantly singing Xmas songs. What are we going to occupy them with after this holiday?

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